Tinker Games Releases an Adventure Game in Indonesia

Tinker Games has unveiled its largest Indonesian game for iOS. The most exciting aspect of this launch is that the size of the game is a record setting 400MB. Indonesian game studios have been producing many large and complex mobile games. The Indonesian culture and anime-style artwork have been integrated into Inheritage: Boundary of Existence. It also features traditional Indonesian weapons and cities as the stage backgrounds. The game comes with a manual that explains the details associated with Indonesian urban stories and artifacts. The game’s dialogues are in the Indonesian language. In order to make this game available to foreigners the game developers can seek professional Indonesian translation services.

Non-Indonesian speakers who are interested in familiarizing themselves with Indonesian cities and culture are likely to find such games appealing. Professional translation for Indonesian will enable foreigners to access all the information they will need to play the game. California Center for Translation & Interpretation collaborates with experienced Indonesian translators who are enthusiastic about educating foreigners about Indonesia, its language, and culture. Digital game developers who believe foreigners would benefit from playing such games in their native language should consider our Indonesian translation services. Although we can try our best to produce accurate document translations, we might ask you for a copy of the game in order to double check the translations against the context in which the language was used.

Our professional translators have superb translation skills. They can translate from Indonesian to English as well as they can translate English into Indonesian. If you are in the Los Angeles area we are a local translation services provider. Games can be dropped off at our office. Otherwise, copies can be mailed or sent to us electronically. Our customer service representatives are very helpful and would be happy to answer your questions about professional Indonesian translation services. Please get in touch with us to place an order.

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