Arabic-Speaking Guests at the Amman International Trade Fair

China and Jordan’s relationship has grown significantly in recent years. For the past ten years Amman has hosted an international trade fair in which Chinese people served as salespersons. Their main purpose is to provide assistance to visitors. Since the event attracts businessmen from all over the Middle East, it is helpful to have translators[…]

Education Ministry Professionals Agree to Translate Circulars

For a long time the Israeli Education Ministry’s refusal to translate its circulars into the Arabic language upset the large percentage of the Arab population in the country. Many parents constantly tried to pressure the authorities into rendering Arabic translation services for this important document that is distributed to all parents. They felt left out[…]

Talent in the Middle East and Africa can Spur Growth in the Region

Many American and European companies that have recognized the technology talent within the Arabic-speaking countries have tried to reach to the audience in the local language. Some firms have relied on Arabic translation services to translate their website and other material that they want to present to Arabic-speakers. They have worked closely with professional translators[…]

Arabic-Language Birth Certificates

Translators usually consider the translation of birth certificates a relatively simple task. However, the translation of a birth certificate from Arabic into English is usually more challenging than some other languages. The Arabic letters are written and read from right to left, whereas the opposite is true about English words. Professional translators who have experience[…]