Training Manual & Employee Handbook Translation | Los Angeles

Professional translation for training manuals Professionals who write training manuals often go into great detail and depth, describing the process of showing employees how to complete a task. They sometimes insert images to demonstrate the steps. Human resources and other divisions that are involved in the training of employees in an organization typically use manuals[…]

Translating Websites for the Chinese-Speaking Segment

Historic sites in various countries serve as top tourist attractions. Some nations are trying to push Chinese tourists to visit their historic sites because they have high spending power. Professional translation for Chinese has been helpful in their efforts to reach Chinese travelers. Chinese translators who translate websites and serve as tour guides often play[…]

Penetrating the Chinese Market Strategically

Conducting business in China calls for a comprehensive strategy that deals with language and cultural barriers among other issues. Companies that have a strong presence online might use professional translation for Chinese to translate their website for the native speakers. Cracking the Chinese market is not easy and probably cannot be achieved by all businesses[…]

Making a Business Website Useful to a Global Audience and JMBM Global Hospitality Group have launched a legal blog in the Chinese language. Their goal is to reach Chinese-speaking visitors in their native language. Since they have rendered professional translation for Chinese their audience can access information about investment in the United States. They can also obtain legal advice to make prudent hotel[…]