Best French to English Translations | Certified Translations

Individuals with a French-language document who are interested in getting a certified English translation can contact a company that specializes in certified translations. Entities in various parts of the country that offer certified translation service often cover European languages such French and Spanish. They satisfy the needs of clients who need French to English translation[…]

English Translation of French Research Documents

Researchers often engage in cross-cultural studies because they are interested in comparing results in one region to those obtained in other countries. In such cases they have to find out how they can overcome language barriers when it comes to distributing surveys in foreign countries. Scholars in France who are conducting studies in the United[…]

3 Tips for Getting French to English Translation

Immigrants from French-speaking countries who hold their legal documents in the French language might at some point be asked to provide the English translations. Once they have discovered that they need the English translations they might wonder how they can get their documents translated. Here are three tips that will help you in the process[…]

Translation vs Evaluation for International Students

International students who are applying to a community college with the intention of transferring to a four-year university sometimes wonder whether they will need course-by-course evaluation or just the translation of their academic records. Students who have completed high school in France might ask whether their diploma can be translated as a proof that they[…]

Translating Shakespeare’s Works into Chinese

William Shakespeare’s Macbeth has been translated from English into many languages for audience around the world. Over the years several Chinese translators have produced the translations of Shakespeare’s works. Translators who focus document translation services often translate Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets using existing translations. They translate plays such as Macbeth, Hamlet, and Julius Caesar. For[…]