What Is a Certified Translation for Indonesian?

Individuals from Indonesia who hold their personal documents in the local language sometimes find out that they need professional Bahasa Indonesia translation. They feel confused because they are not sure which entities have the qualifications required to translate their personal documents such as a birth certificate from Indonesian to English. People often know that they[…]

Certified Translation of Indonesian-Language Marriage Licenses

The translation of a marriage certificate for USCIS is something that has to be handed over to a professional translator. Many people from Indonesia who are applying for a green card wonder why they need professional Indonesian translation for their legal documents. A few years ago the immigration authorities required foreign-language documents to be translated[…]

Translation of Medical Documents into Indonesian

Globalization has given a new meaning to medical tourism. Whereas back in the day those suffering from serious illnesses were commonly limited to the treatments they could find locally now with advancements in technology and communications they can travel the world. A popular destination for such patients is Indonesia. They rely on professional Indonesian translation[…]

Translating Marriage License Issued in Indonesia

Individuals who have obtained their marriage license in Indonesia and are planning to submit a copy of it to USCIS for immigration purposes will need to seek Indonesian translation services. However, they must make sure that the translation is submitted exactly the way immigration authorities expect. They can contact a translation company that has translated[…]

How to Get a Document Translated from Indonesian to English

Students from Indonesia who have settled in Los Angeles often are interested in learning how they can apply to a local college. Most admissions offices will inform international students that they need to supply the certified translations of their foreign-language documents. Those who come from Indonesia are asked to seek the assistance of a translator[…]

More Indonesian Students in the United States

Over 60% of Indonesia’s population is under 40 years old. Approximately 1% of Indonesia’s total student population is currently studying abroad. Students in Indonesia who consider a multicultural perspective essential to sustaining Indonesia’s current progress enroll in colleges and universities in other countries. One popular destination for such individuals is the United States because it[…]