Translating for County Recorder’s Office in California

Translation of foreign language death certificates Escrow officers who assist buyers and sellers from foreign countries often need to have certain documents such as death certificates translated into English. They need to record the death of the property owner before transferring the title. The county recorder’s office records deaths, births, and marriages. It has specific[…]

Applying for a Student Visa and Studying in the United States

Many academic institutions in the United States have added a tab to their website for international students. Such pages often provide important information about admissions, F-1 Student Visa, and change of status. For example, international students who visit Chicago ORT Technical Institute online will notice a tab on the top of the page called “International[…]

Why We Love Translating Birth Certificates for USCIS

Although we can handle the translation of various types of documents, we receive many inquiries about our certified translation services for birth certificates. Many immigration lawyers from all over the United States reach out to us about the translation of birth certificates from foreign languages into English. Immigration lawyers in Los Angeles who speak Spanish[…]