Patent Translators: Certified Translation of Patents

A patent is an important concept in law. Registering for a patent protects the inventor to protect is new and non-obvious invention. The same goes for inventors who want to protect their intellectual property rights overseas. Those who have developed an innovative technology and want to protect their IP rights in foreign countries should learn[…]

The Value of Patents: Global Corporate Taxation Rules

Transnational companies usually try to reduce their taxes by shifting their profits offshore. They set up subsidiaries in countries like Switzerland that impose lower tax rates. Such activities have become problematic because it is more difficult to enforce tax rules internationally. Companies do not always exchange commodities. Rather, their financial transactions involve the exchange of[…]

Approval of Patent Term Extension in Russia

Different cultures think and feel differently about the renewal of patents. Although some countries do not feel comfortable granting patent extensions, others make exceptions for some types of products. In countries that patent terms can be extended foreigners cannot get very far with their renewal if they fail to render professional patent translation services. They[…]

Israeli Company’s Technology for the Oral delivery of Medication

Pharmaceutical companies that rely on top researchers to develop new drugs often prefer to patent their innovation in multiple countries. Since investing in research and development in the pharmaceutical industry is often very costly, the firms often need to earn profits from international markets to break even. Before they can enter any market it is[…]

The Proportion of Resident & Non-Resident Patents

To the scientific community patents are the result of years of theory development and effective experimentation. Scientists usually have little time to stop and appreciate global patterns. If the rest of us were to take a close look at the trends of scientific publications and registered patents, we would note remarkable points about where various[…]

Not patentable in China

American biotech companies like Gilead Sciences that are interested in obtaining intellectual property rights protection in China will be surprised to learn China’s patent laws. In China neither techniques for treating a disease nor pharmaceutical salts are patentable. Prior to seeking patent translation services for the documents that they will be asked to submit to[…]

Buying Part of a Foreign Company’s Patent Portfolio

Technology giants like Google constantly study the patent portfolios of smaller companies to determine whether they have developed a technology that would be worth purchasing. Hearing about an invention might trigger their interest, but ultimately patent translation services will be necessary for American firms that are seriously considering the portfolios of foreign entities. Translating foreign-language[…]

Controversy Surrounding Patent Protection for Software

Authorities in different countries have their own rules on whether or not computer programs can be patented. The gray areas have turned this matter into a debatable topic in many parts of the world. American developers who are interested in patenting their software in Europe should seek the assistance of meticulous translators who are highly[…]

Recording Patents in another Country

Patent owners who are worried about their intellectual property rights in foreign countries should record their patents in several nations. Often one of the requirements for filing an application is submitting the translated version of the patent. Before seeking patent translation services an entrepreneur should find out whether the translations have to be accompanied by[…]

Filing Patent Complaints in the United States

The medication for sleep breathing disorders is a massive market worldwide. Since companies in the industry can export their products to countries around the world, it is important for each brand to establish itself by registering its patents with the regional patent office. For example, a Chinese organization selling its sleep breathing disorder treatments in[…]