Certified Translations for Iranian Diplomas & Transcripts

What do diplomas and school transcripts from Iran look like? Degrees and diplomas issued in Iran typically carry a picture of the degree holder as well as the name of the institution that issued the official document. The emblem of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the identifying information of the degree holder also appear[…]

Certified Translation of Iranian Marriage Certificate ازدواج سند

Certified Farsi Translations California Center for Translation & Interpretation provides certified translation services for many languages including Farsi (official language of Iran). We have extensive experience in translating various types of documents from Farsi to English for USCIS, courts, universities, etc. Many people contact us regarding the translation of their Iranian marriage certificates. We translated[…]

Legal Translation Services Farsi <> English

How do professional translators at CACFTI handle the translation of legal documents? California Center for Translation & Interpretation focuses on delivering flawless translations that are suitable for use in legal contexts. When we translate a legal document from a foreign language such as Farsi into English, we do our best to make sure the correct[…]

Certified Persian Translation for Immigration Law Firms

Immigration lawyers in various cities within the United States serve Iranians who need assistance with an immigration matter. Such individuals inform their clients that they must get a few documents translated into English for USCIS. They advise Iranians to get professional Persian translation for their birth certificates and other documents required for filing an application.[…]

Myths about Becoming a Farsi Translator

Some people are under the impression that being a native Persian speaker qualifies them as a professional translator. Little they know that it takes a special skill set and mindset for an individual to be able to work as a translator who provides professional Persian translation services. Those who execute translation services for Persian should[…]