Translating Medical Documents from Portuguese

Medical offices in cities with a diverse population often receive reports and other documents from their patients who have come from non-English speaking regions. Those who come from Brazil or other Portuguese-speaking nations hold medical documents that have been issued in their native language. When they need to submit those reports to American hospitals they[…]

Translating Websites into Portuguese

The position of Brazil as an emerging market has prompted businesses from various parts of the world to try to establish a presence in the country. One of the issues they must consider when they decide to penetrate the Portuguese-speaking market is how they will deal with language barriers. They will need professional Portuguese translation[…]

Ebay in Portuguese for Brazilians

EBay has launched a website for shoppers in Portuguese-speaking countries. The ecommerce website’s Portuguese version is supposed to attract shoppers mostly from Brazil. It hopes that professional Portuguese translation will help accelerate sales. The Portuguese sites will use local currencies according to EBay’s VP of global expansion. Portuguese translation services by experienced translators can assist[…]

Receiving Treatment in Portugal

Patients from Portuguese-speaking countries are increasingly picking Portugal for medical tourism. A number of hospitals in the country have taken a record number of non-resident patients mostly from Angola and Brazil. Such individuals do not have to seek professional Portuguese translation to take advantage of the medical procedures that Portugal has to offer. The original[…]

Forbes Portuguese Africa Coming in 2014

US magazines that want to grow rapidly in Portuguese-speaking markets can either translate their content into the target language or they can collaborate with a local publisher. Since the original version is in the English language, they would have to seek professional Portuguese translation and localize the edition that would be distributed in the Portuguese-speaking[…]