Romanian Translation of Employment Documents

Individuals who are applying for jobs in Romania will need to figure out what documents they need to have translated for prospective employers. They can seek the assistance of professional translators with excellent skills in Romanian translation services to get those documents translated into the local language. Jobseekers who are serious about finding a position[…]

Translation of Documents for Studying Medicine in Romania

Recent college graduates who would like to experience a new atmosphere for their medical school might decide to go abroad. Some move to Romania because they have heard about the quality of medical education in the country. Several medical schools such as Oradea Medical University offer some of the best programs in the country. American[…]

Moldova’s Official Language Changed

In December 2013 Moldova recognized Romanian as the country’s official language. The Moldovans now officially speak the Romanian language. Now that Moldova’s Constitutional Court has changed the country’s language from Moldovan to Romanian the two countries share the same official language. Translators who deliver Romanian translation services take note of this decision. Romanians and Moldovans[…]