Certified Translation for Russian-Language Documents

Individuals who were born in Russia and hold their birth certificate in the Russian language often look for professional Russian translation when they move to the United States. They sometimes need the certified translation of their personal documents for employment or immigration purposes. A non-English birth certificate from Russia that will be presented before the[…]

Russian Students Studying at American Medical Schools

Medical students in Russia who aim to finish their degree in the United States should research the schools they are interested in and fulfill their requirements before moving from their home country. In order to apply for a student visa they will be asked to present some personal documents. For immigration purposes they will have[…]

Notarized Translations for Signs Carrying Messages in a Foreign Language

A new law has passed in Russia that requires sports fans to translate banners into the Russian languages. Not only will they be asked to seek professional Russian translation for foreign-language banners before they can be displayed, but they will also have to get the translations notarized. Those who do not abide by the law[…]