Training Manual & Employee Handbook Translation | Los Angeles

Professional translation for training manuals Professionals who write training manuals often go into great detail and depth, describing the process of showing employees how to complete a task. They sometimes insert images to demonstrate the steps. Human resources and other divisions that are involved in the training of employees in an organization typically use manuals[…]

Certified Translations for Iranian Diplomas & Transcripts

What do diplomas and school transcripts from Iran look like? Degrees and diplomas issued in Iran typically carry a picture of the degree holder as well as the name of the institution that issued the official document. The emblem of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the identifying information of the degree holder also appear[…]

UAE Considers Cooperation with Norway

Many countries that wish to experience rapid growth in the fields of trade and technology often consider bilateral relationships with other nations. Linguists who carry out technical translation services for documents related to technological developments enable countries to explore possibilities that cooperating with foreigners might present. Partnerships that can be beneficial for all the parties[…]

Considering Fungicide Options Internationally

The agriculture industry worldwide is very prone to diseases. Often a technology that was developed elsewhere can free plantations of infestations. For instance, a vineyard farmer in France that has been affected by fungi could render technical translation services to learn of a technology that is developed by scientists outside of France. What is special[…]

Japan’s Installation of Sophisticated Medical Machines in Bangladesh

Japan has revealed its plans to invest in Bangladesh’s health sector through a bilateral medical technology initiative. This program’s purpose is to open a new era in Bangladesh-Japan cooperation, eventually leading to technology transfer agreements. Translators who possess advanced knowledge in the field of medical technology can assist the efforts of Japan in establishing closer[…]

Brazil Focuses on Electronic and Optic Technologies

Brazil is interested in adopting optics technologies from Elbit in response to the security challenges that it anticipates to face for the 2014 World Cup. The country is already using an Israeli technology to bolster security in its stadiums. Such activities require clear communication between the parties involved. Officials in Brazil who are required to[…]

Taiwan-France Trade Ties

Bilateral technological exchanges have become more common as nations actively look for opportunities to cooperate with each other. Language barriers are no longer a serious issue because parties that do not speak the same language can simply seek the assistance of translators who offer technical translation services. Professionals in the field of technical translations have[…]