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Taiwan-France Trade Ties

Bilateral technological exchanges have become more common as nations actively look for opportunities to cooperate with each other. Language barriers are no longer a serious issue because parties that do not speak the same language can simply seek the assistance of translators who offer technical translation services. Professionals in the field of technical translations have… Read More »Taiwan-France Trade Ties

Technology Transfer between TAS and Brazil

As Brazil’s space program develops authorities plan to spend millions on various projects. One of the most recent deals involved a geostationary satellite made by a French-Italian group. In agreements between parties from different countries technical translation services play a chief role. The language of contracts related to the satellites and technology transfers is highly… Read More »Technology Transfer between TAS and Brazil

Hearing Aid Makers in a Technology Race

Hearing aid manufacturers in Denmark are trying aggressively to win over a high percentage of the global aging population. Since the market for hearing aids is extremely competitive in many countries, hearing aid makers have to develop more sophisticated products to attract customers. Foreign companies that wish to increase their sales have to take advantage… Read More »Hearing Aid Makers in a Technology Race

Transferring Technology Transfer Rights to the Chinese

In a world in which environmental issues are a major concern for many people, businesses are searching for alternative sources of energy. Companies that develop cleaner technologies can often sell the rights to foreign firms that are also interested in reducing their ecological footprint. By rendering technical translation services for agreements American companies can sell… Read More »Transferring Technology Transfer Rights to the Chinese