Academic Records Translations

California Center for Translation and Interpretation provides certified translations of academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, diplomas, degrees, personal statements, course descriptions, and certificates for U.S. colleges, universities, graduate schools, and other educational institutions. If you attended a school abroad and need to submit translations of your academic records to a school in the United States, you can simply send us the documents and we will translate them into English for you. Likewise, if your academic records are in English and you need them to be translated into a foreign language to be submitted to academic institutions in other countries we can provide that service. Please be sure to follow the instructions of the school you are applying to or your application process may be delayed or eliminated from consideration. Getting a timely and accurate translation of your documents is an important part of your application. Our translators are ready to assist you in presenting your academic documents in your target language. At California Center for Translation and Interpretation we make the translation of academic documents simple and convenient for you.

Diploma Translation Services

In general, most academic institutions in the United States require a certified translation. Our translations are done by professionals who possess advanced knowledge of the U.S. academic system and terminology and have a lot of experience translating academic documents. Whether your academic document is in English or any other language our translators will deliver a satisfactory translation. They will closely examine your original documents before translating them to make sure that the style, meaning, and terminology of your academic documents are accurate and proper. They also try to keep the format of the original for ease of comparison. We usually do not convert academic grades, courses, or degrees into their equivalents in the translations. Rather, we provide the literal translation of the words, which is required by academic institutions in the United States. You can use our certified translations to obtain their academic equivalencies. If you would like us to send your translated documents directly to the school of your choice, please simply indicate that in your order, and we will take care of it. In order for us to send the translations directly to the schools we will need the correct mailing address, name of contact, and application or student number if available. We can translate academic documents from English into any Asian, Middle Eastern, or European language. If you are interested in learning more about our academic translation services or would like to receive a free quote, please either call or email us for immediate assistance.