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Welcome to California Center for Translation and Interpretation, where we are proud to offer excellent translation and interpretation services. Located in the city of Los Angeles, California Center for Translation and Interpretation consistently depends on the industry’s most qualified translators and interpreters to satisfy the needs of its valued clients and exceed their expectations. We not only provide services to clients in the state of California but our reach extends to other parts of the United States as well as the international community.

California Center for Translation and Interpretation offers superior non-certified, certified, and notarized translation services. Our court certified translations are completed by professionals who have been approved by courts of California and are acceptable to be presented in the state’s courts. Twice a year the State of California administers exams to certify that translators and interpreters meet the governmental standards. Our translations are accepted by State of California courts, immigration and other U.S governmental offices, embassies, consulates, high schools, colleges, universities, medical boards, employers, etc. We also provide transcription, in person interpretation, and over the phone interpretation services in languages such as SpanishFrenchRussianJapanese, Korean, ItalianChinese, German, Dutch, Greek, Turkish, FarsiArabic, Polish, Portuguese, Latin, Romanian, Thai, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Armenian, Danish, Indonesian, Finnish, Flemish, Malay, Swedish, and many more.

At California Center for Translation and Interpretation we are highly committed to excellence and only employ the most highly qualified professional translators. Our translators and interpreters consistently adhere to our stringent quality assurance standards, creating an added value for each client. If you have any questions or would like to receive a free quote, please contact us for immediate assistance.

Request a Quote for your translation

To request a free quote please simply either email us the document at, call 310-584-7481, or call toll free (888) 674-5620 or fill a form at Contact  us .

We would highly appreciate it, if you could kindly provide the following information:

  • The target language
  • Your deadline
  • The purpose of the translation
  • Special notes (i.e. how many hard copies you need, whether you need the translation to be certified and/or notarized, whether you need expedited shipping, etc)

Helpful Tips

  • We do not need the original documents. We can translate photocopies.
  • If you do not have access to a scanner, you can try to take a picture of the documents with your smartphone and email it to us.
  • If a translation is going to USCIS, it does not need to be notarized. USCIS requires translations to be certified.
  • We accept many forms of payment. Please ask us about your preferred method of payment
  • International customers: Please note that shipping & handling fees for orders outside of the United States may not be included in the quoted price.


1-Experience & Expertise

We have been in the translation industry for many years. Over the years we have handled the translation of many types of documents for organizations in various sectors. Based upon this experience, we can quickly formulate a cost-effective approach to customized language solutions. We have solidified a position as one of the leading and trusted brands in the translation industry.

2-Acceptance of Our Certified Translations

We have provided certified translations for many colleges, universities, law firms, courts, medical offices, USCIS, county recorder’s office, credential evaluation services, etc. Our certified translations bear our official stamp and seal. We can also notarize certified translations upon request for an additional fee.

3- Commitment to Excellence

We are professionals who strive to achieve perfection every time. Our translations are completed by trained specialists who go beyond the words on the page to create effective translations. Our translators possess great command of the language pairs they work in. They choose every word in the target language carefully to capture the exact meaning of the original content. Please allow us to assist you with your translation needs.

4- Focus on Customer Satisfaction

We possess specialized knowledge of the field of translation and interpretation and do our best to ask the right questions to better assist you. We are passionate about our work and aim to provide top-quality services for our clients. At our establishment, our clients are our priority. Our goal is to truly stand out by creating satisfactory customer experiences.

5- Quick turnaround times

We understand that you might be facing a tight deadline and make every effort to get you your translations as soon as possible. If you have a time sensitive project, please let us know that you need rush service and provide your exact deadline.


What our clients say

"...CACFTI translated my academic records from my school in France. They emailed me the translation, and they also mailed the official translations to all the campuses I wanted to apply to. Very convenient and professional..."
"...I got my birth certificate translated from Farsi to English for USCIS. Very skillful translators who translated everything perfectly. Excellent presentation! I already recommended them to my friend..."
"...They translated our emails into Spanish for our supplier in Mexico. They also translated our non-disclosure agreements, business contracts, invoices, and everything else we needed to close the deal. Thanks for making this transaction possible!..."

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