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Russian is the official language of the former Soviet Union nations, consisting of Russia and its surrounding countries. There are approximately 220 million Russian speakers in the world. Russia is the largest country in the world, and its economic power lies in its large supply of natural resources. Russia’s population is relatively small for its size and not uniformly distributed throughout the region. The Russian language currently consists of 33 letters and is written in the Cyrillic script alphabet. The sentence structure of the Russian language is very different from that of English. Whereas a sentence in English has a strict order of words, Russian sentences generally follow a more flexible structure. Usually a Russian sentence is arranged in the following order: subject, verb, and object.

However, any combination of subject, verb, and object are possible and perfectly correct under the rules of Russian grammar. The meaning of the sentence does not usually change if it is out of context, but in some circumstances the order of the words does influence the style and form of what is being communicated. Generally, the words in a Russian sentence can come in any order. In some cases if the subject is missing the sentence is still correct and makes sense whereas in English sentences the subject has to be present. Russian sentences are usually a lot wordier than their English translations; ten-lined sentences are nothing unusual in the Russian language. Thus, it is evident that in order to produce a successful translation of English into Russian or Russian into English a professional translator must take the project.

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Certified Russian Translation Services

At California Center for Translation and Interpretation we provide professional translation for Russian. Our professional Russian translations are not simply a literal translation but rather a clear expression of the intended meaning of the original text. Our translators are highly experienced and have handled many different types of translation projects. Their translations are easy to read and follow because our professional Russian translators are skilled and take cultural differences into account while carrying out translations. Our clients depend on our professional translators to meet their Russian to English and English to Russian translation needs.

If you are searching for a professional translation for Russian you have come to the right place. We offer comprehensive Russian translation services for documents including personal correspondences, websites, passports, birth certificates, medical records, academic diplomas, patents, contracts, prenuptial agreements, and training manuals. We also offer interpretation services for depositions, court appearances, immigration interviews, etc. To discuss any particular project or to receive a quote, please contact us for immediate assistance.