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Employee handbook translation overview
In the United States human resources managers and directors who are in charge of hiring or training new employees often have to rely on translators and interpreters for effective communication with non-English speakers. Due to globalization, companies in Los Angeles and other parts of the country have to manage a diverse workforce and need to translate training manuals and employee handbooks into multiple languages. Likewise, law offices that specialize in employment law commonly advise their clients to translate their HR documents to foreign languages to legally protect themselves. The quality of the translation plays a crucial role in the smoothness of operations in the legal and human resources departments of global companies.

Why accuracy and thoroughness matter in handbook translation
HR professionals that rely on translators with sharp translation skills typically minimize the chance of operational issues in the workplace. Inaccurate and incomplete translations can create serious legal issues for an organization. For instance, imagine what would happen if an organization provides a poor quality translation of its employee handbook to its Spanish speaking employees. The employees would probably be left confused about the policies of the organization and what the organization expects from them. The original English text could say that the organization’s normal business hours are from 9 am to 5 pm, while the Spanish version could incorrectly state that the business hours are from 7 am to 6 pm. It is easy to see what kinds of problems such inaccuracies could create! In addition, if disputes arise as a result of a mistake in the translation the court could honor the translated handbook because that is the version the employees read, understood, and signed although the Spanish version could favor the plaintiff. On the other hand, a well-written translation executed by a professional Spanish translator can help Spanish speakers in an organization understand the company policy and standards. Since the non-English speaking parties clearly understand the document, they can comply with policies and requirements. Similarly, in cases of disputes the court can refer to the original handbook as well as the translation, which is correct and consistent with the English version.

Our translators’ handbook translation experience and approach
We understand that organizations cannot move forward with the employment of non-English speakers unless they have broken language barriers. Our services are perfect for organizations that want to have their employee handbooks and other documents related to human resources translated professionally. It is important for HR professionals to assign the task to a reliable translation company with extensive experience in the translation of human resources materials. California Center for Translation & Interpretation works with professional translators who have translated many documents for human resources departments and are familiar with the language used in such texts. They are comfortable translating all the sections of a typical handbook such as the organization’s welcome statement, dress code, parking, and benefits. Our translators can effectively capture the true meaning of the text. Our translators make sure the translation is faithful and complete. They recognize that leaving out text or using the wrong words can possibly lead to confusion for the non-English speaking employees.

Updating an employee handbook and its translation
Due to changes in state and federal law as well as organizations’ internal structures, human resources departments occasionally need to update their employee handbooks. If you have already made the necessary revisions, you will need to get them translated before submission to your employees. Please send us a copy of the updated file so that we can update the translation.

Do I need a certified translation for our company’s employee handbook?
If the translation is for your internal use, you probably do not need a certified translation. We can translate the document and email it back to you so you can distribute it to your employees. However, if you think you might need to use the translation in a court at some point, you should get a court-certified translation.

Are non-certified translations still completed by professional translators?
Yes. All of our translations are completed by human translators. A non-certified translation is not a machine translation. Our non-certified translations are simply emailed back with no stamp or certification while our certified translations are official copies with our certification.

Languages CACFTI Supports for HR Document Translation
CACFTI relies on the expertise of experienced translators to translate various types of documents for human resources generalists, managers, and coordinators. Our translators possess solid translation skills and are committed to delivering top-quality translations. We can translate training manuals, employee handbooks, applications, forms, and other human resources related documents for firms in various industries. We cover many languages including Spanish, French, German, Farsi, Arabic, Polish, and Russian.

Contacting us
To get a quote for the translation of your HR documents please email the files, the target language, and your deadline to info@cacfti.com.

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