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Professional translation for training manuals

Professionals who write training manuals often go into great detail and depth, describing the process of showing employees how to complete a task. They sometimes insert images to demonstrate the steps. Human resources and other divisions that are involved in the training of employees in an organization typically use manuals to teach everything they need to know to perform their duties. American companies that wish to provide their training manuals to employees who do not speak English fluently often seek professional translation services. In some cases they have employees in their offices in the United States who feel more comfortable reading the material in their native language. In other cases they have offices abroad and have to supply the material in the host country’s language.

Official translation of employee handbooks

Due to their complexity and length, employee handbooks can only be effectively translated by experienced translators. Just because an employee within the company speaks a foreign language, it does not necessarily mean he/she can provide a high-quality translation of the document. Translators who executes the translation of such important documents need to have a great understanding of all the details so that they can deliver an accurate translation. Our translators are committed to capturing the exact meaning of the original document often succeed at preparing translations that help human resources training their team. You can email us your employee handbooks and forms as well as other documents related to human resources for a quote.

Do I need a court certified translation for manuals and handbooks?

Whether or not you need to have a court certified translation of your HR documents depends on the purpose of the translation. If the translation is solely for your internal use, you can get a non-certified translation. However, if you believe you might need to use the translations in a court at some point then you should get a court certified translation. We can provide certified or non-certified translations.

Translating HR documents to English

Human resources managers sometimes need to translate documents from foreign languages to English. They might learn processes and methods from their counterparts in other countries. Learning across cultures can occur through the works of translators who translate manuals, research papers, and other documents from one language to another. Experienced translators help professionals in various fields learn about processes and concepts developed in other countries. For instance, a Japanese company that has written a manual about the proper usage of medical equipment might provide a copy of the document to an American organization that has purchased the device. With the assistance of a Japanese translator, the American entity can translate the manual and use it to train its staff members. The superior technique might improve their internal operations and increase efficiency.

CACFTI for your HR document translation needs

California Center for Translation and Interpretation has translated many documents including applications for employment, training manuals, separation and release agreements, and employee handbooks from foreign languages into foreign languages. We support many languages including Spanish, French, Farsi, Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Polish, and Italian. Our translators who specialize in the field of human resources are ready to perform the translation of your HR related documents. They pay close attention to details and produce high-quality translations. We can assist companies who need to have training manuals and employee handbooks translated from one language to another. We understand that in a globalized economy organizations need to have access to language translation services.

Finding the right translator is often a challenging task because the proper translation of a document demands excellent knowledge of both the target and source languages. Therefore, we select translators with impressive language skills to ensure that you receive smooth and readable translations. Many organizations in various industries rely on California Center for Translation & Interpretation for their translation needs. We have translated documents for clients in Los Angeles and other parts of the country. We invite you to visit us online to learn more about our document translation services. You can email us your files for a quote. Please specify whether you need a certified or non-certified translation for your documents.

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