Professional Japanese Translation Services

Japanese is the official language of Japan, which is one of the world’s largest economies. Japan has a population of approximately 125 million. Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Kobe, Kyoto, Fukuoka, and Kawasaki are among Japan’s largest cities. Although Japan’s area is slightly larger than that of Germany and smaller than that of California, it happens to be the world’s tenth most populous country. If you are interested in receiving professional translation for Japanese, it is good to know a little bit about the language. The Japanese language is not directly related to other languages. Whereas in some languages singular and plural forms are distinct, the Japanese language does not make such distinctions. Our translators are very experienced and can deliver professional translation for Japanese. They have been trained in the field and follow all the grammatical rules. In Japanese the rules for verb conjugations are fairly straight-forward and rarely include exceptions. The Japanese grammar follows the word order of subject, object, and verb. This rule might be confusing to those who are not familiar with it but is similar to the grammar of some languages. Although other Asian languages are tonal, Japanese is not. As a result, it is simpler for foreigners to master the correct pronunciation of Japanese words.

The Japanese language has four writing systems: kanji, hiragana, katakana, and romaji. Hiragana is the most fundamental Japanese phonetic script. It is the first writing system that people in Japan learn and hence is widely used for children’s literature. Katakana is primarily used to spell out foreign words or for the emphasis of Japanese words. It is interesting to note that the Japanese language has borrowed many of its vocabulary words from Chinese and English. Kanji stems from the Chinese writing system and uses approximately 2000 signs. Romaji is a more modern Japanese writing system that allows one to read Japanese without knowing any of the Japanese writing systems. We provide professional translations for Japanese. Our translators know which system is appropriate for each type of document.

Japanese Interpretation Services

California Center for Translation and Interpretation offers professional translation for Japanese.

Our Japanese translation services include document translation, in person interpretation, interpretation over the phone, voice-overs, subtitling, transliteration, and transcriptions. Our professional translators are highly experienced and familiar with the Japanese writing systems, diverse dialects, and culture. Our Japanese language translation experts complete highly satisfying translations for all types of documents including training manuals, birth certificates, contracts, academic transcripts, corporate websites, divorce decrees, etc.

Our clients rely on our meticulous attention to details and quality of overall service to provide professional Japanese translation services. Our translators communicate accurately and professionally in both Japanese and English. We have translators who have expertise in different industry sectors so you can be assured that your translation is clear and appropriate for your targeted audience. Our professional translators are ready to assist you with your Japanese translation needs. If you would like to learn more about our Japanese translation services or to receive a free quote for professional translation for Japanese, please contact us for assistance.