Certified Translation Services

California Center for Translation and Interpretation provides excellent certified translation services. If you have been asked for the “certified translation” of a document you can simply send us the document, and we will provide a certified translation. California Center for Translation and Interpretation strives to provide reliable certified translation services, and hence we employ capable translators who have been in the industry for many years. Certified translations must be done by qualified translators and be accompanied by our official certification in order to be acknowledged as valid.

Our certified translations will be accepted by any government or non-government organization in the United States that requires a “certified translation”. If you need a court certified translation, please mention that when you are placing your order so that we provide the appropriate translation and certification for that purpose. Translations that are submitted to courts of California must be completed by court certified translators and be accompanied by a certification that satisfies the requirements of courts. Likewise, if a party needs a translator or interpreter to accompany him/her in court, he/she needs to be sure that the translator is court certified. Our court certified translators and interpreters bring their advanced knowledge and experience in the field to assist people with limited English proficiency in courts of California.


With much experience in this industry, California Center for Translation and Interpretation provides high quality certified and/or notarized translations for important documents such as diplomas, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, birth certificates, and ID cards. Many governmental agencies, medical boards, employers, and academic institutions require a certified translation. Our translators work hard to assure that our clients receive the best certified translation services that the industry has to offer. No matter how large or small a project is, our translators deliver premium certified translations.

Certified Translation services From English Into over 200 Languages

California Center for Translation and Interpretation takes pride in providing accurate and timely translation services for all Middle Eastern, European, and Asian languages. We also offer notarization. If you need the translation to be certified and notarized we can provide both services. Please just ask for notarization when placing your order so that we include that with the translation. If you are not sure whether you need non certified or certified translation services you can ask one of our friendly representatives, and we will assist you. Whether you are looking for certified translation services for academic, legal, business, medical, or any other type of document you have come to the right place. Receiving a certified translation is easy. You can simply contact us, and we will get you started.