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How do professional translators at CACFTI handle the translation of legal documents?

California Center for Translation & Interpretation focuses on delivering flawless translations that are suitable for use in legal contexts. When we translate a legal document from a foreign language such as Farsi into English, we do our best to make sure the correct vocabulary has been used and the translation makes sense to a native English speaker. Translating a legal document from a foreign language into English can be tricky for translators who do not specialize in legal translation. Therefore, it is important for you to assign the task to knowledgeable specialists. Legal wording is not complicated for our translators because they have many years of experience in the field of legal document translations.

Some examples of legal documents we translate from and into Farsi

We can translate power of attorney, sales contracts, employment contracts, terms and conditions, prenuptial agreements, declarations, court orders, lease agreements, non-disclosure agreements, compliance reports, privacy policies, legal notices, and disclaimers. Our Persian translators who are highly skilled in the art and science of translation can masterfully execute the translation of your legal documents. Please email your documents to for a quote.

Legal Farsi translation in Los Angeles

We provide legal translation services for many languages including Farsi for clients in Los Angeles and other cities. Our Persian translators who possess advanced knowledge of legal systems and terms strive to achieve perfection on the first try. While inexperienced translators might have to try several times to get legal terminologies right, professional translators such as the ones that work for California Center for Translation & Interpretation do everything they can to get it right the first time.

Translation of divorce decrees from Iran

Divorce papers that are issued in Iran typically come in a form of a small booklet and contain the information of the parties involved in the divorce process as well as the details of the divorce. The first page of a typical divorce decree from the Islamic Republic of Iran looks like the image below. Since divorce documents include sensitive information and are important legal documents they must be translated scrupulously. Our Farsi to English translators has extensive experience in the translation of divorce certificates and marriage licenses from Iran. They strive to provide accurate translations that clearly capture the meaning of the original Farsi text.

 Why choose CACFTI for your Farsi translation needs

California Center for Translation & Interpretation is based in Los Angeles, which is home to a large Iranian community. As such, we serve the needs of many people like yourself who are looking for Farsi translation services. We have translated many birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, medical documents, academic records, etc from Farsi to English and vice versa. Our Farsi translators have rich experience translating documents from all over Iran. Whether you have a document issued in Tehran, Yazd, Shiraz, Tabriz, or Isfahan makes no difference! Our translators who specialize in Persian to English translations can prepare the translation of your official documents. Our work is presentable, clear, and timely.

What is the process for legal translations at CACFTI?

You can email your documents to for a quote. If you would like us to proceed, we will make arrangements for you to make your payment. We will then assign your document to a professional translator who has proven expertise in the translation of similar documents. For example, if we receive a lease agreement from you we would forward it to a translator who has extensive experience in the translation of lease agreements, property rules, and policies. On the other hand, if you have a court order for us we would assign it to a translator who possesses solid knowledge of terminology related to court systems and can localize the translation for an English speaking audience. Once the translation is ready we will email it to you so you can review and ask any questions. Please let us know if you will need a hard copy mailed to you too.

Translation for bar association, law offices, courts, litigation support teams

We have translated many documents for law firms, the State Bar of California, Los Angeles Superior Court, and litigation support teams. Our Farsi translators who have translated dozens of legal documents understand the importance of accuracy and thoroughness and will do their best to produce high-quality translations for you. We look forward to having the opportunity to take care of your legal translation needs too.

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