Farsi to English Translation of Birth Certificate for USCIS

Individuals who were born in Iran hold a birth certificate that was issued in Farsi. When they work on a visa application in the United States they will have to request a certified translation. Professional Persian translation is the only service that such individuals need to worry about when they look for a translation company. They won’t need the translation to be notarized as well. Companies that keep up with the latest changes to immigration policies will let you know that you will only need a certified translation of your Farsi-language document. Immigrants from Iran should contact an experienced translator who is familiar with the language of birth certificates. In addition, the translator must be able to format the document.

The parents’ information is often inserted in a chart. Thus, the translator should be able to replicate the chart to produce the translation of the parents’ data. It is important for the translator to translate the text within the stamps if legible. Some stamps are hard to read because they are smudged over time or overlap text. In such cases the translator can leave it as “illegible”. However, sometimes it is important to note which official entity issued the original document. For example, if the vital records office of Tehran issued the birth certificate there should be a stamp on the top and bottom of the document that states the source of the document. With its team of professional Farsi translators California Center for Translation & Interpretation is ready to assist immigrants from Iran who need to have their birth certificate translated into English.

Translating birth certificates for USCIS is one of our strengths. Our specialty is translating documents from foreign languages to English for immigration matters. We have translated many documents from Farsi to English and can manage the translation of your documents very effectively. Our translators are experts in Farsi translation services and have been offering language translation service for a long time. Our translators possess strong computer skills and format the translated document to closely mirror the original. Our translations are presentable and correct to the best of our translators’ ability. So if you have been asked to provide the certified translation of your birth certificate, please get in touch with us. We provide professional Persian translation services. We can handle the translation of birth certificates as well as other documents for immigration purposes. Ask us how to get started. We know what to do!

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