Spanish Translation Services Santa Monica California

Certified Spanish Translations
Individuals from Spanish speaking countries that need to present their official documents to an employer in the United States might need certified Spanish translation services. Some employers require applicants to provide a copy of their transcripts and certificates earned in their home country. Applicants who have completed their academic studies in a non-English speaking country are often expected to submit a copy of their foreign-language documents plus their certified translations. Candidates from the Spanish speaking world can seek certified Spanish translation service from a reliable company so that they can send them to the human resources departments in American companies.

Translating Spanish Documents for Clients in Santa Monica

Do you represent a firm in Santa Monica that is looking for certified Spanish translations? Do you need Spanish translation services for your personal use? We are here for you! We have translated many documents for clients in the City of Santa Monica. We can translate Spanish language documents for Santa Monica based law firms, businesses, schools, and medical offices. We can translate text from Spanish to English and vice versa. We would love to have the opportunity to translate your academic, legal, medical, corporate, or technical documents from Spanish to English or from English to Spanish.

Spanish Translation for Legal Documents

Lawyers and paralegals in Santa Monica who need to have a legal document translated from English to Spanish or vice versa can contact us for assistance. Our translators who are fluent in both English and Spanish and have rich experience in the translation of legal document would love to have the opportunity to assist you with your legal translation needs. Our translators have translated many legal documents including contracts, bylaws, terms and conditions, prenuptial agreements from Spanish to English. We will be happy to help you with your Spanish legal translation needs too. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our Spanish translation services for legal texts.

Translation of Spanish Documents for DMV in Santa Monica

You can contact us about the translation of your Spanish-language marriage certificate or driver’s license issued abroad to be used for DMV. If the DMV has asked you to provide a certified translation of your marriage certificate or driver’s license, you should get in touch with a translation services provider that offers certified translations. California Center for Translation & Interpretation has translated many documents for the Department of Motor Vehicles. Please email us your document for assistance.

Translation of Academic Documents for Schools in Santa Monica

International students who are applying to Santa Monica College are often asked to submit the certified translation of their academic records and diplomas to the admissions office. Sometimes community colleges waive prerequisite requirements based on the courses new students have taken and passed in their home country. You can rely on the expertise of our translators to translate your academic documents into English. We have translated and certified many academic documents for international applicants including those who were completing an application for SMC. If you are applying to Santa Monica High School and need certain documents to be translated please get in touch with us.

Best Spanish to English and English to Spanish Translations

Our goal is to deliver the best translations for many languages including Spanish. We translate many types of documents such as prenuptial agreements, birth certificates, marriage licenses, medical records, diplomas, business contracts, licensing agreements, legal notices, and training manuals from and into Spanish. We focus on delivering top-quality translations in every step of our procedure.

Translations attached to Los Angeles Notary Public’s Acknowledgment Form

Please contact us if you are looking for notarized translations. Some organizations might request a notarized translations. If you need a notarized translation for a Spanish language document please get in touch with us. We can translate and notarize many documents including Mexican marriage certificates and Cuban birth certificates. We can also translate documents such as vital records into Spanish and notarize them for use abroad.

CACFTI has ample experience translating various types of documents from Spanish to English and vice versa for many purposes including US immigration, courts, medical tourism, study abroad programs, etc. We take clients from many industries and cities around the world. Please email your documents to for a quote. We look forward to hearing from you regarding your document translation needs.

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