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Italian is a Romance language that is closely related to Latin. Italy is a country in Southern Europe on the Italian Peninsula. It is a diverse country that is also home to immigrants from many countries. Many people who are interested in studying abroad in Italy or just visiting the country need professional translation for Italian. Italian text is written using the Latin alphabet, which consists of a total of 21 letters, five letters fewer than the English alphabet. Italian words do not contain the letters J, K, W, X, and Y. Such letters are found only in words that have been borrowed from foreign languages. Jeans, whiskey, and taxi are examples of such words. There are approximately 70 million people around the world who consider Italian as their first language. Italian is the official language of Italy as well as one of the four official languages of Switzerland. Switzerland is a country in central Europe and home to a part of region of Alps. Its tallest point is the Dufourspitze, which is 15,203 ft (4,634 m) high on the Swiss side of the Italian border.

Italian Interpretation services

Professional Italian Translation and Interpretation Services

Throughout the centuries Italy has had a tremendous impact on the development of Europe and other parts of the world in terms of art and culture. A handful of artworks and magnificent buildings that are admired by people worldwide are found in Italy. Many renowned painters, sculptors, and professional composers whose works have influenced the world lived in Italy. Moreover, the Renaissance movement, which represents art and culture, started in Florence and spread throughout Europe. It has influenced many aspects of cultural life including literature, philosophy, art, music, and religion.

If you are seeking professional translation for Italian or Italian translation services for an important document you have found the right provider. California Center for Translation and Interpretation is committed to bringing you top quality Italian translation services. Our Italian translators have in-depth knowledge and rich experience in translating all types of documents in industries including advertising, financial, legal, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, entertainment, and agriculture. The proper translation of documents requires skill, training, and experience. Our Italian translators possess a high level of expertise and are capable of providing professional Italian translation services. They can translate birth certificates, brochures, business proposals, company websites, marketing material, technical manuals, legal contracts, diplomas, employee handbooks, etc into Italian or from Italian into English.

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Our translators are fluent in the Italian language and the culture and hence can provide professional translation for Italian for your target audience. We also provide Italian live and over the phone interpretation, transcriptions, and voice-overs. If you are going to submit an Italian to English translation to a court please make a note on that in your order. All of our clients receive superior services and quick turnaround times.Rush service for tight deadlines is available upon request. You can contact us for more information or to receive a free quote for a professional Italian translation.