German Translation Services


German is the official language in Germany and Austria. It is also widely spoken in Switzerland, Italy, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, and Belgium. Additionally, it serves as the language of commerce within the European Union (EU). Today German is spoken by more than 100 million people worldwide. German is one of the West Germanic languages within the Indo-European language group and is a close relative of the English language. German is often recognized as one of the most important cultural languages of the world. Many prominent musicians and scholars such as Sigmund Freud, Lugwig van Beethoven, Jochen Heisenberg, Wilhelm Heinrich Heintz, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Albert Einstein wrote and spoke in German. Germany is a country in central Europe and is surrounded by the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. It has a population of over 80 million, and its capital is Berlin. Germany is famed for its high-tech goods and hence heavily exports vehicles and electrical machinery.

At California Center for Translation and Interpretation we provide outstanding German translation services. Our experienced and professional German translators handle small and large translation projects in many fields such as legal, business, medicine, academic, etc. Among others, they have experience translating birth certificates, school transcripts, medical reports, contracts, websites, divorce decrees, resumes, and training manuals. Our translators always employ their expertise and experience in this field to deliver excellent German translation services. They consistently exceed the expectation of clients who are looking for professional translation for German. Our translators do not merely replace the words in the original text with their equivalents in the target language. Rather, they fully comprehend the words in the context in which they are used and preserve the same meaning and flow in the translation.

We provide certified German translation services, and we can also notarize the translations upon request. Many clients who are searching for professional translation for German come to us because they are certain that our services will exceed their expectations. Some of our clients even speak German, but they know that professional translations for German can only be done by experienced translators who have been trained to translate from English to German and from German to English. If you are searching for professional translations for German you can simply send us the original document, and we will provide a free quote. If you would like to receive the best German translation services or if you need professional translation for German, you can contact us today to learn how you can place an order.