Technical translation services

Technical translations must be carried out by professional translators who possess an advanced knowledge of technical terminology. They should be specialized and experienced in the field. Whether you represent a company or manufacturer or any other individual or group that is seeking technical translation services it is important to assign the task to translators who can deliver precise and timely technical translation services. At California Center for Translation and Interpretation our translators are experts in the translation of technical language, and we even have translators who are specialized in specific categories within the technical field. If your need for technical translation services pertains to a particular area or profession please let one of representatives know, and we will assign the translation to a professional with experience in that particular field. Our technical translators are trained and highly attentive to details. We carefully select them to ensure that you receive top-quality technical translations.

Technical documents include a wide range of subjects including optics, engineering (civil, marine, mechanical, electrical), detailed instructions to ensure the proper installation of products, avionics, data sheets, medical (equipment, hardware), product specification sheets, research papers, and standards. Due to their specialized nature, technical translations need to be performed by translators who are familiar with the certain field. The proper match of document requirements with the expertise of the translator is crucial for the success of your translation. Technical documents contain terminology that is specific to the industry and hence their translations must be done by professional translators who are highly experienced and knowledgeable of technical terms.

California Center for Translation and Interpretation helps people communicate cross-culturally through professional translations and interpretations. Quality is our priority and as such we always work with the best translators available for every project including technical translations. Our technical translators focus exclusively on the translation of technical, engineering, patent, and scientific documents for which precision and consistency are highly important and difficult to achieve. Inaccurate and/or poor quality translations of technical documents or patents may not only devalue the corporate image, but they could also cause unnecessary confusion or lead to unforeseen liabilities and waste of resources. We deeply understand the importance of accurate translations when it comes to technical documents. Consequently, our translators strive to achieve excellence when translating your technical documents. We translate technical documents from and to European, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages. In order to learn more about our technical translation services or to receive a free quote for a project please contact us and a representative will be happy to assist you.