Spanish Translation Services

With over 300 million native speakers around the globe, Spanish ranks as the world’s third most spoken language. Spanish is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations (UN). Although Spanish originated on the Iberian Peninsula, today it is widely spoken in Latin America as it was brought to the New World by Spanish colonization. Moreover, the large Hispanic populations in the United States have turned Spanish into the unofficial second language of the country. The popularity of the Spanish language continues to rise, and the need for Spanish translation services is growing. Spain is located in Southwestern Europe. It has a population of over 40 million, and its capital city is Madrid. It is a member of the European Union (EU) and its currency is Euro. Spain shares borders with Portugal and France.

It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Its major trading partners are other nations in the EU as well as Latin American countries. The most valuable natural resources of Spain include coal, iron ore, mercury, copper, lead, and zinc. We at California Center for Translation and Interpretation are committed to working tirelessly to satisfy the needs of our customers no matter in which subject they need Spanish translation services. California Center for Translation and Interpretation is located in the city of Los Angeles and provides exceptional Spanish document translation services to clients in need of professional English to Spanish and Spanish to English translations. Our translators are professional and experienced in carrying out excellent Spanish translation and interpretation services.

Certified Spanish Translation Services

Whether you are looking for professional translation services for Spanish in the field of medicine, law, business, etc. you have come to the right place. Our translators provide professional translation services for Spanish. We offer both certified and non certified translations for Spanish. Our translators have working knowledge and understanding of the variations in the Spanish language and are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers no matter where they need to take the translation. Although standard Spanish is understood by all Spanish speakers, in general each Spanish speaking country has its own set of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. If you need a Spanish translation that will be understood by the entire Spanish speaking world, please let us know and our specialists will use standard Spanish in their translations. Our Spanish translators and interpreters have consistently exhibited excellence in providing Spanish translation and proofreading services. If you are seeking Spanish translation services for any purpose you can simply contact us, and one of our friendly representatives will assist you right away.