Translating for County Recorder’s Office in California

Translation of foreign language death certificates

Escrow officers who assist buyers and sellers from foreign countries often need to have certain documents such as death certificates translated into English. They need to record the death of the property owner before transferring the title. The county recorder’s office records deaths, births, and marriages. It has specific requirements that you need to meet in order to record a death, birth, or marriage. The translation of a document that goes to the county recorder’s office must be certified and notarized. While a document going to a court in California can be certified by a court-approved translator, a translated document presented to county recorder has to be certified and notarized. The translator needs to have the proper registration number. The certification and declaration asks for the full name of the translators as well as their certification or registration number. In addition, the form indicates the description of the document. The document has to be signed before a notary and dated.

What information does a death certificate contain?

A death certificate usually includes the full name of the deceased as well as the place and date of death. Some death certificates also include the cause of death and the registration number. They may also specify the marital status of the deceased and the name of the officer who recorded the death. If you need a Spanish, French, German, Italian, or any other language translated into English for a court in the United States please get in touch with us. We have translated many death certificates from foreign languages to English. We can also translate death certificates that are issued in the United States to other languages if you intend to transfer the corpse to a foreign country.

Our experience in translating documents for county recorder’s office

California Center for Translation & Interpretation is a legal translation services provider that has translated many documents including death certificates from foreign languages into English. We can translate death certificates from various countries around the world including Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany, and France. Our certified translations are completed by professional translators and bear our official stamp and seal. Since we have translated many documents for legal purposes, we know that translating a document for country recorder’s office requires knowledge of their specific requirements. When we learn that you are planning to take a translation to the county recorder’s office in California, we suggest that you get the translation certified and notarized. Our clients sometimes mention that they are going to provide the translation of their legal documents to the county recorder and that they do not know what their requirements are. We are always happy to provide a translation that they accept based on our experience. We have also translated many death certificates for probate courts and the county recorder’s office.

Translation for USCIS vs translation for county recorder’s office

Individuals who are submitting a foreign language document to USCIS have to present a certified translation too. The county recorder’s office, on the other hand, requires certified translations to be notarized and attached to the proper paperwork. USCIS accepts electronic copies, whereas the county recorder’s office requires the original signature. Therefore, a translation that is submitted to USCIS is not acceptable for the Office of the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk.

How do I get started?

When you contact us regarding the translation of your legal documents, please be sure to mention the specific purpose of the translation. We have various certifications on file and need to know where the translation will be going to use the proper certification. We have also translated many documents from foreign languages into English for schools, USCIS, medical offices, and lawyers, etc. We are familiar with many entities’ unique requirements for foreign language documents. Our professional translators who have ample experience in the translation of legal documents including contracts, birth certificates, and death certificates can translate all the pages you need to submit to country recorder’s office. Please get in touch with us if you are searching for a reliable company to deliver legal translation services. Our translators who possess strong translation skills are available to assist you. To get a quote, please email your documents to and mention your deadline.

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