Translation of Documents for Green Card Applications

Why Translation Documents for Green Card Applications?
If you are an American citizen and you wish to obtain a fiancé visa for your partner who is a non-American citizen, you are probably working on a green card application. We understand that you have to follow the USCIS’s exact requirements to obtain a visa, and we are here to help you. One of these requirements might be translating personal and legal documents into English. USCIS has certain rules pertaining to foreign language documents. Applicants that do not satisfy those requirements are likely to receive a Request for Evidence (RFE). We have translated dozens of documents from foreign languages into English for USCIS.

What Types of Documents Do Green Card Applicants Get Translate?

Every year many Americans apply for green cards for their non-American partners. They often translate personal documents such as birth certificates, which provide information about the non-American party’s identity, place of birth, and date of issuance. They might also need to provide proof that they have the financial capacity to support themselves in the United States. If their proof is a document in a foreign language (such as a bank statement from a foreign bank) they have to seek certified translation services because the immigration office does not accept documents in a language other than English. If the American citizen holds several accounts in foreign countries he can also translate the financial statements into English. If the non-American party is the beneficiary of a large trust fund they can request certified translation services for the will or any other document that includes the value of the trust. If they own a property in a foreign country that has been appraised, they can obtain the certified translation of the document. If they own a business they might be asked to provide the certified translation of their balance sheets.

CACFTI’s Certified Translations for USCIS
If you intend to marry an alien and are working a green card application, please get in touch with us about our certified translations for USCIS. We value your time and do our best to properly take care of your translation needs as soon as possible. The USCIS would not approve applications if the translations were not completed according to their requirements. We follow the guidelines of USCIS so you should not have any problems. Our certified translations are completed by professional translators and delivered in a timely manner.

How Long Does the Process Take?
Our turnaround time depends on many factors including the length of the document and the content. It could be as fast as a few hours or as long as a few weeks. We focus on providing high-quality certified translations to accommodate the needs of couples who are working on a green card application. We can translate your foreign language documents according to the requirements of USCIS. Please email your documents to for a quote. USCIS does not require the originals. All you have to do is provide a copy via email.

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