Certified Translation of Indonesian-Language Marriage Licenses

The translation of a marriage certificate for USCIS is something that has to be handed over to a professional translator. Many people from Indonesia who are applying for a green card wonder why they need professional Indonesian translation for their legal documents. A few years ago the immigration authorities required foreign-language documents to be translated and notarized. They expected the translations to be executed by a translator and then notarized by a notary public. More recently they have changed the rules and no longer need the acknowledgement form. Still, they will need to see the certified translations. Individuals from Indonesia who have been asked to present a copy of their marriage license for immigration purposes should seek Indonesian translation services and make sure the company they have contacted is familiar with the requirements for USCIS certified translations.

An Indonesian translator who possesses strong language skills can assist parties who would like to have their documents issued in Indonesia Bahasa translated into English. Their area of expertise is professional translation services, allowing them to produce top-quality translations for their clients. Green card applicants can trust professional translators with the translation of their personal documents. A marriage certificate is often required for an application that goes to the department of immigration because it represents the couple’s legal obligation. Married couples can file for petition to obtain green card for their non-citizen spouse. Indonesians who need to provide a copy of their marriage license along with other supplementary documents can search for a translator who is well-qualified to translate documents for immigration purposes. They can get in touch with a company in Los Angeles that has served immigration attorneys and other parties in need of certified translations. Such firms have often executed the translation of many documents including birth certificates, divorce decrees, and marriage licenses.

They can help Indonesians and other individuals who want to have a certified English translation of their personal documents. California Center for Translation & Interpretation delivers high-quality translations for Indonesian-language documents. Our translators with rich experience in the translation of various types of documents can translate your marriage licenses from Indonesian to English. We are ready to assist you if you need Indonesian translation services for an immigration matter. Please contact us to find out how you can get a document translated for a green card application. We can provide more information about professional Indonesian translation service for your documents.

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