Legal Translation Services


When it comes to legal translations the choice of words is crucial and mistranslations can have undesirable consequences. At California Center for Translation and Interpretation we have translators whose area of specialty is legal translation services. If you need to translate a legal document you must be sure that the translator is professional and knows the terminology that is used in the legal field. The translator should also be familiar with legal systems so that when he/she is providing legal translation service the original message is accurately conveyed in the translated document. Our legal translators are experienced and possess excellent linguistic skills. Many of them have experience working for law firms. Our translators understand that the legal system of the original document is structured in a way that fits that culture, and hence they make sure that the translation is appropriate and easy to follow in the target language.

Legal Translation Services

Patent Translation Services

No matter what type of Patent translation services you seek at California Center for Translation and Interpretation you can be assured that our translations are accurate and professionally done. We provide legal translation services for contracts, court and witness transcripts, expert reports, patent applications, Articles of Incorporation, copyright registrations, trademark applications, letters of credit, licensing agreements, confidentiality agreements, legal disclaimers, court hearings, wills and trust, depositions, immigration hearings, etc.

If you require an interpreter to accompany you or your client to court please let us know so we can book you a court certified interpreter. Our interpreters are among the best in the industry and are capable of providing both consecutive and simultaneous interpretations. Many of our clients come to us for translations that they will be presenting in courts. If you are going to submit a translation to a court in the state of California, please mention that in your order. We can also provide quick turnaround times for urgent translations.

Legal & Patent Translation services From English Into over 200 Languages

California Center for Translation and Interpretation has a reputation for its superior Patent translation services because our team is dedicated to providing personalized service to each client. Our legal translations are always accurate and well-written. Our emphasis on nuances and details of legal language allows us to develop long-term relationships with many clients who are searching for legal translation services. We serve mainly corporations and law firms. Our goal is to provide the highest quality and level of service that clients demand for legal translations. At California Center for Translation and Interpretation legal translation services are available in all European, Middle Eastern, and Asian languages. In order to learn more about our legal translation services, please contact us today.