Medical translation services


Translating medical documents is considered more difficult than other documents because it requires a background in medicine. The translation and interpretation of medical terminology must be accurate and complete to avoid confusions or misunderstandings for the reader or the listener. It also requires knowledge in the healthcare industry and experience in the field. Our medical translators are specialized in sciences and provide accurate translations in such fields as medicine, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare. Our translators have up-to-date knowledge of medical terms and are strongly committed to providing quality medical translation services. With much experience in translating medical terminology, our translators always satisfy the needs of our clients who are looking for medical document translations. Our translators are very professional, and they will supply you with impressive medical and pharmaceutical translation services because they are specialized in medical translation and have a lot of experience translating medical documents.

Our translators provide medical translation services for patient instructions, patient questionnaires, consent forms, flyers, medical records, clinical reports/studies, insurance claims, lab tests, case report forms, medical reports, medical histories, clinical summaries, drug registration documentation, health and safety reports, clinical trials, regulatory documents, instructions for use (IFU), toxicology reports, hospital discharge summaries, installation manuals, drug manuals, public health surveys, patents, medical and pharmaceutical PowerPoint presentations, and many more. In short, if you have any document related to the medical field you can submit it to us and we will provide an excellent translation. We provide both certified and non certified medical translation services. If you are not sure which one you need please ask us.

Medical Interpretation services

At California Center for Translation and Interpretation all of our translators and editors strive to provide accurate and consistent medical translation services with proper and presentable formatting. We do not use translation software or machines. All of our translations are done by humans so you can be assured that your medical documents are translated accurately and properly. In addition, we provide medical interpretation services. If a patient is not proficient in English and would like an interpreter to accompany him/her to a medical appointment our medical interpreters can help. We provide medical translation and interpretation services for all European, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages. Our translators are comfortable with both consecutive and simultaneous interpretations. We can usually provide medical interpretation services on short notice. However, in order to assure availability we suggest that you reserve our interpreters at least 24 hours in advance. If you would like to learn more about our medical translation or interpretation services, please contact us and a friendly representative will assist you.