Translation of Urdu Documents into English for USCIS

Certified Translation and USCIS
In order to process applications, USCIS often needs foreign language documents to be submitted with their certified translations. Applicants who are looking to get their documents translated into English for US immigration should mention the purpose of the translation when they contact a translation company. Since there are several types of translations and certifications, the service provider needs to know the purpose of the translation to attach a declaration that USCIS finds acceptable. Applicants who do not meet the immigration authorities’ requirements often receive a request for evidence (RFE).

USCIS Translation Requirements Overview
The requirements of USCIS for certified translations are very stringent. Translations must be translated by a translator who is competent in English and the source language and be certified according to the guidelines of USCIS. Applicants should make sure they have the right documents before submitting them to a translator. For example, if USCIS has requested a birth certificate, an applicant should not submit a marriage certificate or a divorce decree.

Difference between Certified and Non-Certified Translation
A certified translation is completed by a professional translator and is accompanied by the translator’s certification. A non-certified translation is usually just a word file that is sent back to the client via email with no indication about who performed the translation. USCIS requires a certified translation. Our certified translations can be used for USCIS.

Translating Urdu Documents for US Immigration Application
You can get your Urdu language documents translated into English for USCIS very quickly by contacting California Center for Translation & Interpretation. We have extensive experience in the translation of documents issued in Pakistan. All you have to do is email your documents to and mention that the translation will be submitted to USCIS. The originals do not have to be dropped off at our office or mailed to us. We will respond with a quote as soon as possible. Our Urdu translators work diligently to deliver top quality translations. They meticulously review their work before submitting translations to clients to make sure everything is perfect.

Why Choose CACFT for Your Urdu Documents
California Center for Translation & Interpretation is your trusted choice for Urdu to English translations in Los Angeles and many other areas. Since all documents can be emailed to us we can serve you regardless of your location. If you need your Urdu language documents translated into English for immigration purposes, please do not hesitate to contact us. With ample experience in the field of Urdu to English translation, we are equipped with all the tools required to effectively translate your documents.

We have translated many documents such as birth certificates and marriage license for USCIS. We hope to have the opportunity to work on your documents too. Bringing you the best translations and the highest level of customer service is our priority. We are confident that you will be 100% satisfied with our expertise in Urdu document translation. When searching for certified translations for USCIS, please contact CACFTI in Los Angeles. We are translation experts.

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