Translation of Certified Documents: Russian Birth Certificates

Individuals who were born in Russia hold a birth certificate that has been issued in the Russian language. They might need to have this document translated in various situations. For immigration purposes they will be asked for a document that establishes their identity. Many people use their birth certificate for this purpose. They seek professional Russian translation and ask the translation company for a USCIS certified translation. They sometimes want additional information about how they would go about getting a certified English translation of their birth certificate and other documents that they will be submitting for immigration purposes. They might ask whether they need to supply the hard copy or the digital file will be sufficient for the translation company.

In addition, they might ask the representative whether the company notarizes the translations as well. When Russian-language documents are sent to translation companies for an immigration matter they are not necessarily notarized because it is not required. If you have a Russian birth certificate and you would like it to be translated and notarized, you can ask the representative whether the firm offers certified and notarized translations. Organizations that focus on legal translations often offer certified and notarized translations for Russian birth certificates and other foreign-language documents. They can help individuals who want both services. California Center for Translation & Interpretation receives many requests for certified translations to be submitted to USCIS.

We can accommodate the needs of foreigners who would like to have a certified translation of their personal documents. Some clients ask us whether we need to have a certified copy of their birth certificate in order to proceed. We do not need official copies of your documents. All you have to do is obtain a copy of your birth certificate if you lost the original one and send it to us via email. We will print the document and attach it to the translation. If you were born in Russia and have been asked to provide a certified translation of your Russian birth certificate, please get in touch with us. We can help you. You can let us know that you are looking for Russian to English translation services so that we can provide a quote for your project. We would be happy to speak with you about our professional Russian translation services or our any other language service. Our Russian translators who specialize in the translation of birth certificates are ready to assist you.

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