Translation of Wills and other Legal Documents from Farsi to English

A will is an important document that people write to control how their assets will be distributed after their death. Writing a will is often considered a sensitive matter because it involves a phase people do not generally like to discuss. Therefore, immigrants who do not speak English as their first language usually prefer to write their will in their native language. Iranians who have moved to the United States and do not feel comfortable expressing themselves in English can compose their will in Farsi and seek professional Persian translation if they want a lawyer to review it. In some states it is difficult to find a lawyer who is fluent in Farsi. In larger cities like New York and California many Iranians practice law. However, in other states with a small population of Persians it is more challenging to get in touch with a lawyer who speaks Persian.

In order to make sure that their will has all the elements of a valid will they can check the content with lawyer who specializes in estate planning. Attorneys who focus in will writing and probate law often have assisted individuals who wished to write will. In diverse states they have probably received inquiries from foreigners and know of translation companies that offer translation services for wills and other legal documents. If you get in touch with a lawyer who does not speak your language and does not refer you to a reliable translation services company, we hope that you consider us. California Center for Translation & Interpretation understands that writing wills is more difficult for people with limited English skills.

They are commonly more comfortable writing in their first language. In addition, they are less likely to be knowledgeable about the factors that affect the validity of a will. For example, Iranians who live in the United States but are not fluent in English might complete their will in Farsi. They can seek the assistance of a lawyer who speaks Persian or they can contact a translation company. After the document has been translated into English they can present it to a lawyer who does not understand Farsi. We are equipped with language capabilities that enable us to assist clients from various parts of the world. If you are from Iran or other Farsi-speaking nations and need professional Persian translation, please check our availability. We can translate your wills and other documents from Farsi to English and vice versa.

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