Translating Farsi Birth Certificates for Schools

Iranians who have recently moved to Los Angeles area and are ready to enroll their children in schools often need to provide a proof of age. A birth certificate is commonly used as evidence because it is an official document indicating the certificate holder’s date of birth. Such individuals seek professional Persian translation for the translation of their Iranian birth certificate. They can submit the English translation of their document, which contains their full name and date of birth, to the school of their choice.

Birth Certificate Translation for Los Angeles Schools

Translating a Farsi birth certificate in Los Angeles can be simple and easy for individuals who find the right company. California Center for Translation & Interpretation has translated dozens of birth certificates from foreign languages including Farsi to English for schools and other organizations. We have completed the translation of many documents issued in Iran in the Farsi language. We can translate your personal documents for middle schools, high schools, vocational schools, colleges, universities, etc.

Our Farsi Birth Certificate Translators

Our Farsi translators who have wide experience in the translation industry are ready to translate your birth certificates into English. They possess strong language kills and can effectively translate documents. They have translated birth certificates issued before and after the Islamic Revolution of 1979. They have translated official documents issued in various provinces throughout Iran including Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, and Mashhad.

Professional Translations at CACFTI

We are true professionals who are committed to providing top-quality translations for your birth certificates as well as other documents. We can be trusted with the translation of your official documents including birth certificates and national ID cards. We keep all information confidential to the best of our ability. We also understand that you are using the translation to prove the age of your children. Therefore, we use accurate date convertors to get the right date in Georgian calendar. We typically send the translation to our clients for their approval before we prepare the certified copy. If you notice any discrepancies between the date we have inserted in the translation and the one appears on your other legal documents, please let us know. We hope to have the opportunity to translate your Persian documents into English for the registration of your children in middle schools or high schools.

Getting in Touch with CACFTI about Birth Certificate Translation

If you are planning to enroll your children in a local school and need to provide a certified translation of their birth certificate to the school, please contact us. All certified translations carry our official stamp and seal so that you can present them to the interested parties. We have extensive experience in the industry and are interested in assisting you with the translation of your foreign-language documents. You can simply scan and email us your Farsi-language birth certificates for a quote. We can efficiently handle the translation of multiple documents. We are confident that you will be happy with our fast and quality services. We provide professional Persian translation for various types of documents including birth certificates. We look forward to speaking with you about your Farsi translation needs. Please send your documents to

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