Translating and Notarizing Documents in California

Many public and private organizations such as the county recorder’s office and universities expect individuals to submit a certified and notarized translation of their foreign-language documents. They require official translations completed by a professional translator and attached to a notary public’s acknowledgement form. A translation that has been executed in the United States and notarized by a notary public can be used in the United States or abroad. We have translated and notarized many documents for individuals who have used our translations in the United States and/or overseas. If you intend to get an apostille to use abroad you need to get a notarized translation to submit to the secretary of state. Please feel free to email your documents to to learn more about our document translation services.

What Does a Notarized Translation Look Like?
A notarized translation is a translation that is attached to a notary public’s acknowledgement form. A valid acknowledgement form is signed and stamped by a notary public.

Why Do I Need My Documents Notarized?
Many people are confused when they hear that they have to get their documents translated, certified, and notarized. They do not understand what a notarized translation is and they have no idea how they can get notarized translations for official use. Furthermore, many people do not understand why they cannot translate their own documents and take them to the notary public. If you need your documents translated for a passport, for example, you will need a certified and notarized translation. For the official use, you need to get a professional translation and hence cannot translate the documents even if you are fluent in the source language and English. You need to get the translation notarized so the recipient can be sure that the identity of the professional translator or the translation company’s representative has been verified. We are here to help. Please get in touch with us regarding our notarized translation services.

Do My Academic Documents Have to be Translated & Notarized?
It depends on the party that will be receiving the translations. Some schools only require certified translations of school transcripts, diplomas, and other supporting documents. Other educational institutions might ask you for a certified and notarized translation. Therefore, it is important for you to get in touch with the party that will be reviewing your academic documents to make sure you understand their requirements and notify us too. If you are submitting your documents to a credential evaluation company, please ask them whether they require a notarized translation.

Do I Have to Be Present to Notarize My Documents?
Most organizations expect the translator or a representative from the translation company to appear before a notary public. They want to verify the identity of the individual who has translated the document or represents the company. Therefore, you do not have to be present when the document is notarized.

Can Notaries Attest to the Authenticity and/or Truthfulness of Documents?
In some parts of the world, notaries have the power to confirm the authenticity and/or the truthfulness of the content of documents. In California, however, the notary can only verify the identity of the person who appears before him and signs the document. The notary public cannot comment on the truthfulness or authenticity of the document presented.

What Do I Need to Do to Get Notarized Translations at CACFTI?
To get a notarized translation, please follow these steps:
-Email the documents that you need translated, certified, and notarized to
-Let us know that you need a notarized translation.
-If you have a specific deadline in mind, please communicate that with us.
-If you have multiple documents, please let us know whether we can staple all the pages to a single notarization form or you will need each one to be stapled separately to its own notarization form.

We have translated and notarized many types of documents including birth certificates, marriage licenses, death certificates, and diplomas. We would love to have the opportunity to translate and notarize your documents too. Please email us your documents for a quote.

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