Translating Documents for Human Resources

Who Needs HR Documents Translated?
Human resources professionals often seek certified translations for the documents they present to their employees because they are required to do so by law or they are trying to prevent legal issues. Law offices that handle matters related to human resources and employment law often need to have several types of documents translated as do the human resources departments of companies in various industries. Organizations that operate internationally commonly need to translate the resumes, letters of recommendation, and background checks of candidates translated.

Translation of Applications, HR Forms, Severance Agreements, and Corporate Policies
Global companies that need to have HR related documents translated into foreign languages are welcome to contact us about our professional translation services. We have vast experience in the translation of many documents for the human resources of companies in various industries. We have also translated documents for lawyers that practice employment law. Our translator who handle the translation of documents for human resources also possess advanced knowledge of the legal field and can prepare translations that sound professional and proper.

Professional Translation of Resumes and Cover Letters
A resume is an important document that summarizes a person’s educational and professional background. It can also include information about the person’s interests, hobbies, and volunteer activities. Job seekers who are looking for employment opportunities outside of their homeland usually contact a translator who can translate their resume into the destination country’s official language. They realize that the prospective employers are likely to favor candidates who have provided their information in the local language. They can forward their cover letters and curriculum vitae to a translator who is familiar with human resources.

Who Can Translator Resumes and Cover Letters?
Translators who have experience in document translation services for HR-related topics can translate resumes and cover letters. Due to brutal economic conditions, there is generally a lot of competition for job openings worldwide. Furthermore, many employers have been pressured into favouring local applicants. As a result, to be considered foreign applicants should present their application in the best way possible. Their CV, cover letter, references, etc should be translated by an experienced translator who can produce top-quality translations in the target language. Job seekers should ask the translator several questions about their qualifications and abilities to perform document translation services for their materials.

Points to Consider before Translating Your HR Documents
We would suggest that you carefully double check your documents before submitting them to the translator. The information in the translation has to be correct and clearly organized. If the original document contains errors the translation will reflect those errors. Additionally, it is very easy for recruiters in other countries to toss resumes that look unorganized and unformatted. Prior to seeking professional translation services for their documents you should research employment opportunities around the world in the sectors you are considering. Some countries might be better than others for individuals in your field. For instance, a country might offer many opportunities for professionals who specialize in the area of medicine but not technology.

HR Translators at CACFTI
We understand that the job search process is very challenging especially for candidates who are applying to jobs abroad. We do everything we can to make sure your experience with our company is pleasant and smooth. You are welcome to send us your resume and cover letter for quick assistance. Our translators possess adequate knowledge of human resources. They are confident in their ability to translate your documents accurately and help you explore your options abroad. They understand that recruiters expect to receive documents that are professionally translated and accurately reflect the applicant’s accomplishments. They carefully review your documents and translate them into the target languages. Please email your documents to– for a quote.

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