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Employee Handbook Translation in Los Angeles
Global companies that are based in Los Angeles or any other city often have to meet the needs of a diverse workforce. One of these needs is communication with employees who do not speak English. The Human Resources of such entities are commonly faced with the challenge of taking applications from non-English speaking candidates and providing policies, handbooks, forms, and other paperwork in foreign languages for new employees to review and sign. HR professionals might need their documents translated from English into Spanish or other languages to accommodate non-English speakers on their team. They rely on the services of HR translators to break language barriers within their organization.

Translation of HR Documents from English to Spanish
Translating HR documents from English to Spanish requires the skill and expertise of a professional Spanish translator. Such documents contain specialized language that requires the knowledge of a translator who is familiar with HR procedures and employment laws. HR professionals usually ask employment lawyers to prepare their documents because they have to comply with state and federal laws. Therefore, the language is very industry specific and should be tackled by translators who possess specialized knowledge of the field. Translators who translate HR documents from English to Spanish need to know both languages fluently and possess the ability to come up with the exact translation of the English text.

Translation of HR Documents from Spanish to English
Organizations that are based in Spanish speaking countries and have regional offices in the United States may wish to translate their HR related documents from Spanish to English. They usually want to make sure that their governance policies, procedures, expectations, etc. are clearly communicated with the English speakers so that they can all work together towards the same goal. Translators at CACFTI who specialize in Spanish to English translations can assist such entities.

Translating Human Resources Documents, Manuals, Applications, etc.
Documents that Human Resources provide to employees are very important. Employees have to understand all the details regarding sick leave, wage, workplace policy, benefits, drug testing, etc. when they sign the documents so that during their employment they are not confused about their rights or obligations. In addition, Human Resources departments often translate such documents to foreign languages to protect themselves legally. They need to provide the information in a language their employees understand.

Who Needs to Translate HR Documents?
Law offices that practice employment law and human resources departments of companies, as well as non-profit organizations and HR consultants, usually need HR documents translated from English to foreign languages and vice versa. If you need an HR document translated, please get in touch with us.

HR and Legal Translators/Interpreters at CACFTI
Our HR translators are highly familiar with legal language too. They will make sure that your documents and ideas are properly translated into the target language. To a lay person, some words may be interchangeable whereas a professional who specializes in the translation of legal and HR documents would be aware of the distinction between similar words. You should rely on our translators to translate your documents because they have ample experience in the translation of HR manuals and handbooks. We understand that the use of correct and appropriate vocabulary is crucial for documents that will be submitted to your employees. Our translators have translated many handbooks and supplements and are familiar with text pertaining to employment practices, standards of conduct, confidentiality, termination guidelines, and audit policies. We can also interpret for HR professionals who are in the process of terminating a non-English speaking employee.

Getting Your HR Documents Translated at CACFTI
We have translated many documents for human resources professionals and would love to have the opportunity to assist you too. Please email your HR documents to and let us know when you need the translation back. Please specify the target language(s) so that we can get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

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