Spanish Translation of Employment Contracts

Companies in Los Angeles that hire a high number of Hispanic employees often translate their employment contracts to Spanish. Since Spanish is widely spoken by a large population of native speakers employers figure that they prefer to review the terms in their first language. They rely on translators who offer English to Spanish legal translation service to translate those documents. They prefer to communicate their expectations with non-English speakers to prevent problems during the employment term. The policies have to be translated perfectly so that the Spanish-speakers can clearly understand them. The terminology used in such contracts is specific to the area of law so the translator who translates the text from English to Spanish should be familiar with the legal industry. Translators who have a solid background in legal translation and have experience translating contracts can translate employment agreements.

Before handing the contract to new employees HR representatives can ask whether they would like the English or the Spanish version. Having the Spanish translation available on file is convenient as they won’t have to wait for the translator to start translating the document. Firms in Los Angeles as well as other cities that are home to a large Spanish-speaking labor force might benefit from translating their employment agreements. New employees who do not speak English fluently could be hesitant to sign a document in a language they do not understand very well. They might simply sign the contract because the employer has requested them to do so. Therefore, if they breach the contract during their employment they might claim that they never understood the terms. The employer cannot always hold the employee liable because they did not understand what they were agreeing to.

Therefore, for their own protection and the protection of non-English speakers who work for them companies should translate the legal documents that they ask new employees to sign. California Center for Translation & Interpretation has solutions for companies that are interested in translating their employment contracts to Spanish. Our translators who are proficient in English and Spanish are ready to assist you with your legal translation needs. They will translate the documents to neutral Spanish so that your new employees can easily understand the translation regardless of which country they come from. Please let us know if you have questions about our English to Spanish legal translation services or how you can get started. We can certify legal translations. To find out more, please speak with a representative.

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