Translation of Articles of Incorporation from Chinese to English

Multinational businesses that have drafted and signed articles of incorporation in China in the Chinese language might have at some point decided to use the document in an American court. In such situations, they can rely on professional translation for Chinese to prepare an English version for courts. The legal system in the United States receives various types of documents issued in foreign countries in languages other than English. Lawyers in various areas of practice submit their clients’ foreign language documents to translation companies as a part of their preparations for the case.

Lawyers who assist Chinese speakers can rarely describe the document to the translation service provider. Some attorneys who only speak English ask their client what type of document it is that they need to have translated. The client might inform the attorney that the document is articles of association or incorporation. The text can be completed unrelated to the area of law. The document could be the client’s medical records. However, when the translation company asks how long the document is the non-Chinese speaking party might have no idea. This is especially true for scanned documents. Individuals who do not know the Chinese language typically do not k now how to count the characters.

Any non-Chinese speaker can use the Microsoft Word tool to count the characters when the text has been typed. However, those who do not know the Chinese writing system would probably be unable to manually count the characters. Translators who focus on Chinese document translation can use their experience and knowledge of this language to estimate the number of characters on a pdf page. Whether you have a legal, medical, or technical document they can provide a good estimate. California Center for Translation & Interpretation has translated many documents for courts. We can translate articles of incorporation as well as other legal documents that multinational companies need to present to an English speaking audience. Our translators who specialize in legal translations are interested in translating the documents you would like to present in courts.

If your intention is to submit articles of incorporations to Los Angeles courts but you do not know how to get a certified English translation, please get in touch with us. You can email us your foreign-language documents for a quote. We can translate Chinese-language documents to English for courts. You will need to let us know that you are seeking professional translation for Chinese and that the translation will be used in a court. We hope to have the opportunity to serve you!

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