Interpretation services

Interpretation services

Dial 3 for Arabic

According to a recent study Muslims make up less than one percent of the U.S. population. Although the figures seem small, Americans have taken several measures to welcome Arabic-speaking immigrants. For example, in Michigan the Public Assistant Office has added an Arabic-language option to its phone system. By pressing 3 callers can hear the information… Read More »Dial 3 for Arabic

Theories on How Language Began

If you are searching for document translation services you might also be interested in exploring different theories that exist on the origin of language. Linguists have developed several theories about the origin of languages. In their discussions about how language began scholars make many assumptions and speculations. Some groups claim that their assumptions are very… Read More »Theories on How Language Began

Growing Demand for Japanese Translation Driven by CRM Software Companies

Professional translation for Japanese might be on your mind if you are a CRM software company that is passionate about entering the Japanese market. Globalization has inspired many open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software companies to translate their application to foreign languages. Some companies have already announced that they are in the process of… Read More »Growing Demand for Japanese Translation Driven by CRM Software Companies