Certified English Translations Going to U.S. Banks

People from France who want to apply for a mortgage loan from a bank in the United States will have to provide documentation to show all the assets they have in their home country. Since their bank statements from France are printed in the French language, they will need to seek French to English translation services. Banks in the United States usually ask their clients to provide the English translation of their bank statements. Such documents clearly outline the bank account holder’s activities and current balance. U.S. banks usually ask for the currencies to be converted into USD. Professional translators who have years of experience translating financial statements from French into English can properly translate such documents. They translate and proofread their work and submit the translations on a timely manner.

California Center for Translation & Interpretation strives to translate bank statements accurately from French into English. We can also translate documents from other foreign languages into English. Our French translators will translate all the text that appears on the bank statements. Our proofreader will double check the translated documents to make sure everything looks fine. Sometimes clients ask us whether we can leave out information that is not relevant to their application for a loan. For example, the details of transactions might not matter to the U.S. bank when it processes loan applications. Although the information might be irrelevant to the application, we cannot leave out anything in the translation. We will translate all the text that you present to us. Our translators who have professional experience providing French translation services are committed to translating documents accurately and completely. If you assign a task to us you can be sure that we will do our best to translate the document precisely and on time.

For documents that come from France we can leave the currencies in Euro or we can convert them to USD. We use reliable sources to convert currencies. Upon request we will also make a note on our certification about the exchange rate used. Please let us know whether you need the currencies converted. We can email the certified translation of bank statements directly to the U.S. bank or we can mail the hard copy. Please check with the bank representative to make sure you know which format they prefer. For high-quality French to English translation services please reach out to us. We can provide a quote for your bank statements if you scan and email us all the pages that you would like us to translate.

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