Certified Translation: Transcripts & Diplomas

How do I get a certified translation for my academic documents?

Please email your documents to info@cacfti.com to get a quote as soon as possible.

What is a certified translation for academic documents?

A certified translation of an academic document is an official copy of the text in another language. For instance, if you have completed high school in Mexico and are ready to apply to colleges in the United States you might need to have your academic documents from Mexico to be translated from Spanish to English and certified. The translations would carry a stamp and/or seal to show that the text was translated by a professional translation services provider.

I am applying to a private school. Do I need a certified translation?

Most private schools require a certified translation as do public schools. Please check with the admissions office of the schools you have in mind to find out whether they require a certified translation.

I need my academic records to be translated for application to California Bar. Can California Center for Translation & Interpretation help me?

Yes. We have translated many documents for the California Bar. Foreign language documents have to be translated and notarized for California Bar. Please email your documents to info@cacfti.com and mention that you will be submitting them to California Bar for assistance.

What is California Center for Translation & Interpretation’s approach to academic translation?

We truly understand the needs of international students due to our extensive experience in document translation for international students from every corner of the world. We have provided certified translation services for many international applicants including those from France, Mexico, Argentina, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Greece, Vietnam, and Thailand. Many applicants from various countries around the globe rely on our company for the translation of the documents they are required to send to schools. We can provide excellent translations for many languages. Our translators who execute the translation of your documents are highly experienced and committed to delivering great translations. We have the knowledge and expertise you need for the certified translation requirement of your application. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our academic document translation services. All you have to do to get a quote is email us the documents and let u know whether you need the hard copy or electronic copy will be sufficient for your purposes.

Why get a certified translation for my foreign language documents? 

It is a good idea to get a certified translation of your foreign language documents to avoid delays and rejections of your application. If the school you have in mind requires a certified translation and you send them an unofficial translation, they are likely to reject your translations and request that you get a certified translation and resubmit your application. If you miss the deadline, you might need to wait until the following semester to reapply.

*Translation of transcripts: academic transcripts contain important information such as the school year, the course titles, grades, number of credits, remarks, and the student’s full name. Since transcripts provide so much information about the student’s academic performance schools usually require international applicants to provide a copy of their foreign language transcripts plus their certified English translations. Candidates should make sure that the translator who works on their academic transcripts is detail-oriented and can translate the content accurately. We have been providing academic translation services for many years. You can rely on our professional translators for the translation of your academic records. We have translated school transcripts and other documents for international candidates who were planning to apply to colleges and universities including Santa Monica College, University of Southern California, and California State University Northridge. We have also translated documents for schools in other states.

*Translation of diplomas and certificates:

If you have earned a diploma, certificate, or degree from a school abroad and would like to translate it into English for a school or an employer, please get in touch with us. We can also translate diplomas and certificates for USCIS.

*Translation of course descriptions:

Some educational institutions in the United States expect international applicants to provide an English translation of their course descriptions. The course titles on the transcripts do not provide sufficient information about the material and topics the class covered. We can translate your course descriptions into English.

*Translation of bank statements:

Individuals who are applying to undergraduate and graduate programs often have to present a copy of their bank statements because the school needs to make sure that their students can cover the fees and tuition. If they hold assets in a bank in a foreign country, their financial statements would be issued in a foreign language. Although, it is not an academic document it is commonly used for the admissions purposes. California Center for Translation & Interpretation has handled the translation of many transcripts and bank statements from foreign languages to English. We can translate financial documents as well as academic documents to meet the needs of international students who have to submit proof of funds to a college or university. We can convert the currencies to USD upon request for an additional fee.

*Translation of letters or recommendation: 

If your professor, employer, or supervisor has written a letter of recommendation for you in a foreign language and you need to have an English translation, please contact us. We have ample experience in the translation of letters of recommendations for employment and college admissions.

How do I translate documents from Spanish to English for educational institutions in the US? Students from Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries that wish to pursue a degree in the United States often learn that they have to seek academic translation services for their Spanish-language transcripts. Our translators who specialize in European Spanish are available to translate the academic records you obtained from a school in Spain. Likewise, our linguists who are fluent in Latin American Spanish and English can translate your academic documents for U.S. schools. Private and public schools in the United States that offer degrees typically request certified translations of academic work completed in foreign countries. In the admissions process they review coursework completed in home country. They want to make sure that the applicants have the knowledge and skills required to perform well in the graduate program. To get started on the process, first you need to find out which documents the school requires. Then you can submit those documents to info@cacfti.com for a quote. Once you have agreed to our quote and completed the order we will translate your documents. We can send the translations to you or directly to the admissions office, whichever you prefer.

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