Ordinary Smartphone Pleases Old People

As companies like Apple and Samsung compete to release the most complex smartphones in the market, a Japanese firm aims to serve the older consumers who value simple phones with larger buttons. Fujitsu has now partnered with a foreign organization to serve this niche adequately. In their efforts to reach the senior population worldwide they will need technical translation services for the translation of the user’s manual. Since this consumer segment is usually unfamiliar with such technologically advanced devices, they won’t benefit from all the features in the absence of a manual in their native language.

Users who do not speak the Japanese language but are interested in this technology can rely on professional translators to translate the manual into their first language. The firm is using a technology called Raku-Raku in these phones. Meaning “easy easy”, this old-fashion feature device has a touch screen and offers Internet access. In addition, its screen is brighter than the traditional smartphones so the user can read it more easily. Aging customers who have an affinity for technology would be very interested in a translated manual that explains all the features. Since this phone was introduced in 2001 20 million have been sold, 10 million of which are still in use. California Center for Translation & Interpretation understands the needs of businesses that seek to sell their products in international markets.

Our professional translation services are perfect for any entity that wants to impress its customers in various parts of the world. Companies that have manufactured a product that they think consumers in foreign countries would be interested in buying can provide instructions to the users by translating their manuals into multiple languages. Whether you are looking to sell cutting-edge smartphones or devices with old-fashioned features in San Francisco or a city outside of the United States we can translate your user’s manuals. We offer document translations for all the major languages. Our translations are usually the same size as the original document. However, if your target audience is the senior citizens who prefer larger text sizes we can definitely print the translations larger than the original document. Please let us know if you have a size preference, and we will use that font for the translated document. Our experienced technical translators can handle the translations of your technical manuals and user’s guides. Please contact us to learn more about our technical translation services. Our representatives would be happy to answer your questions and address your concerns.

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