Japan’s Installation of Sophisticated Medical Machines in Bangladesh

Japan has revealed its plans to invest in Bangladesh’s health sector through a bilateral medical technology initiative. This program’s purpose is to open a new era in Bangladesh-Japan cooperation, eventually leading to technology transfer agreements. Translators who possess advanced knowledge in the field of medical technology can assist the efforts of Japan in establishing closer ties with foreign countries. By providing technical translation services they build a bridge between parties that do not speak the same language. In order to express its interest Japan’s Trade and Industry organized a conference in Bangladesh, introducing Medical Excellence JAPAN. The seminar drew over 500 doctors, imaging technologists, and oncologists from all over the country participated in the conference.

Such presentations and handouts need to be translated from Japanese to accommodate foreigners. Doctors and professionals in the area of medical technology need to have the documents translated into their first language so that they can better take advantage of the information. The project’s first step is to set up an institution on radiology and hospitals because Japanese experts believe that training doctors and personnel is essential. The translated version of the material Japan has prepared will be presented to the locals. Once the technologists, nurses and paramedics have completed their training the Japanese can release cutting edge medical technology in Bangladesh. The translations of the training material have to be smooth and accurate in order for the program to succeed. California Center for Translation & Interpretation translates various documents such as training manuals, technology transfer agreements, and technical handouts, presentations.

Radiologists and physicians in Bangladesh could not operate machines and hi-tech devices that Japan was willing to provide if it were not for translators who facilitate communication between parties who do not speak the same language. If you represent an organization or country that stresses training doctors in a foreign country you can depend on our technical document translation services to translate all the content you will need to deliver to your trainees. We always try hard to exceed the expectations of clients who need to have a technical document translated. Our translators can handle the translation of documents on how to operate hi-tech devices. If you are interested in receiving a quote, please scan and email us your documents. More information on our technical translation services is available on our services page. We invite you contact us by phone or email to learn more about our services.

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