Applying for a Student Visa and Studying in the United States

Many academic institutions in the United States have added a tab to their website for international students. Such pages often provide important information about admissions, F-1 Student Visa, and change of status. For example, international students who visit Chicago ORT Technical Institute online will notice a tab on the top of the page called “International Students”. International students who wish to apply to educational programs in the United States should review this helpful information before they start the application process. Visitors who click “F-1 Student Visa” from the drop-down-menu will learn that they must have their I-20 form from the school in order to apply for this type of visa. If they have questions about this type of visa they can contact a good immigration attorney.

They will also notice that in order to complete their application they will need to provide the certified and notarized translations of several documents. California Center for Translation & Interpretation will notarize certified translations upon request. We can translate all the documents that you need to submit to the school. Individuals who want to study on an F-1 Student Visa must provide proof that they can financially support themselves while they stay in the United States. Proof of external support is also acceptable. Applicants from non-English speaking countries will be asked to provide an original bank statement with its notarized English translation. The bank statement needs to have the applicant’s name and balance. The purpose of this document is for the school to verify that the student can cover the cost of the program.

Applicants who will be receiving external support from a party abroad are required to provide a letter from the sponsor that includes the student’s full name and address, the sponsor’s full name and address, the sponsor’s employer’s name and address. In this letter the sponsor must mention that he/she will be paying for the student’s living expenses and tuition. This document needs to be translated into English and notarized. The school will also be asking for a copy of the sponsor’s bank statement. The original copy of the document should be stamped and signed by a bank representative. The notarized translation of this document must be submitted to the school. A high percentage of international students consider large cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York as their destination. They find the exciting opportunities that such diverse cities have to offer very appealing. Prospective students often fail to realize the importance of consulting with an immigration attorney in deciding which student category is the most appropriate one. An immigration lawyer whose practice is limited to matters of New York State law can assist applicants who are planning to study at an approved educational institution in the state. Experienced attorneys who specialize in immigration law can guide prospective students through the student visa application process.

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