Certified Persian Translation for Immigration Law Firms

Immigration lawyers in various cities within the United States serve Iranians who need assistance with an immigration matter. Such individuals inform their clients that they must get a few documents translated into English for USCIS. They advise Iranians to get professional Persian translation for their birth certificates and other documents required for filing an application. The assistance of experienced translators who are competent in both Farsi and English is required.

Many people who contact us are under the impression that they only have to receive the translation. However, for the department of immigration they must submit a certified translation, which means the translation is prepared by a professional translator and is attached to his/her declaration. It is important for immigrants to make sure that the translated documents meet the requirements of USCIS. Even some immigration lawyers do not know the details when it comes to getting a foreign language document such as a Farsi birth certificate translated. That is why they rely on experts like us to carry out the translation of their clients’ documents. We are very experienced and knowledgeable in the area of document translation.

We can accurately translate Farsi text into English and provide quick turnaround times. We usually do not need an advance notice to execute the translation of documents. If you have a Persian language birth certificate or any other document that will be submitted to immigration authorities you can send them to us by email at any time. We will just need you to tell us that the translation will be used in an immigration case so that we certify the translations. We usually do not notarize translations for immigration lawyers because based on the new rules certified translations do not have to be notarized. We are interested in reviewing and translating your Farsi documents.

California Center for Translation & Interpretation views itself as the best solution for immigration lawyers who handle cases for Iranian clients. With ample experience in the translation of Farsi language documents we are ready to assist anyone who is looking for certified translations for a document issued in Iran. Our company offers high-quality translations for Farsi. We are sure that if you give us a chance you will be impressed with our professional Persian translation services. We can translate all the documents you need for immigration purposes. We have translated many documents for immigration lawyers. The high quality of our certified translations brings many of them back to us.

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