Certified Translation of Duplicate Documents

Students from Saudi Arabia who have completed training workshops in specialized fields and would like to submit proof of their capability to work in the professional in the United States should consider certified translation services for Arabic. Some have gone through several similar workshops and obtained a certificate from each one. The texts on such documents are often very similar so only a few piece of information such as the date of attendance and the title of the workshops might vary. International students from Saudi Arabia or other Arabic-speaking countries who hope to get those certificates translated into English might wonder how the company offering certified translations will handle those documents.

Professional Arabic translators who execute the translation of similar documents closely examine the certificates to determine exactly with parts are duplicate and which sections are unique. Translators who pay close attention to detail rarely assume that the entire section is redundant just because a few lines or words appear to be identical. They can pick out the duplicate parts and speed up the translation process by inserting the translation of those portions in all the documents in which they appear. They also try to keep their language consistent across various documents. They understand that certified translations of such documents play an instrumental role in the careers if foreigners in the United States. For some professions all foreigners need is to demonstrate proof of completion of training workshops in their home country.

Saudis who have certificates to show to their employers or vocational schools can rely on professional Arabic translators to get a certified translation of their certificates. They can provide those translations to the entity that has requested a certified translation of their Arabic-language documents. California Center for Translation & Interpretation enjoys serving a diverse customer base. We can serve international students from various parts of the world. We are glad to help them with the certified translation of their certificates earned from completing workshops. Our clients who have moved to the United States from the Arab world trust us with the certified translation of their documents. With our impressive team of translation specialists and proofreaders we are ready to assist individuals who need certified document translation. We are experts in preparing certified translation services for numerous types of documents including academic transcripts, certificates, and ID cards. You can get in touch with us if you need similar documents to be translated into English.

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