Romanian to English Translation of Foreign Workers’ Documents

Individuals who have worked in Romania in the technical sector and have recently moved to the United States often wish to pursue a career in the same industry. They can seek Romanian translation services to translate their employment verification letter that indicates their employment history. The document spells out the position the Romanian individual has held, the name of the company, and their salary. Such documents must be translated accurately so that the prospective employer in the United States can make a decision about their qualifications to hold a position. U.S. employers expect to receive supplementary documents in English. Applicants who have prepared their resume in their native language and would like to have a professional translator translate it from Romanian into English can submit the document with their employment verification form to the translation company.

Entities that specialize in the translation of all types of documents from Romanian to English and vice versa can usually take all the forms foreign applicants need to apply to openings. Immigrants with extensive experience in the technology sector do not always speak English fluently to compose their own resume and cover letter. Therefore, they request a company that focuses on professional Romanian translation to get their documents translated. In addition, many employers require foreign language documents to be translated by professional translators. They won’t take translations that applicants have prepared. Hence, bilingual applicants would have to provide a certified translation of their Romanian-language documents. Any document printed in Romanian can be submitted to a reliable translation company. Firms with much experience in the industry usually deliver English translations that are correct and complete.

California Center for Translation & Interpretation is committed to translating documents with strong attention to detail. We understand that many immigrants find competition on the U.S. soil challenging. We do our best to help you with your application to jobs with American firms. We will assign the translation of your employment verification forms to professional translators. If you worked in Romania and need to have an English translation of a document that proves you have experience in the tech industry, you are welcome to send us any document that needs to be submitted to American employers. Our translators with solid experience in Romanian to English translations are ready to help you. We invite you to contact us with questions regarding our Romanian translation services. Our professional Romanian translators are dedicated to translating your documents to the best of their knowledge.

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